Possible bug


I created a simple comparison between one table.

Source is MS Sql Server version 7

Dest: Oracle 11g

The comparison routine detects 16 different records (see the screen shot).
However, the update script is empty.

I think it is a bug. What do you need to recreate a problem ?


It looks as if it could be a bug. For starters, could you attach the table DDL for the MS SQL 7 and Oracle 11g event tables in the screenshot? Thanks.

I have attached a file with ddl for a table in Oracle and Sql Server.
stc_events_ddl.sql (3.32 KB)

This thread can be closed.
I have contacted tech support directly and it is the actual bug in the current version TOAD 2.1.
The problem has been addressed in the up-coming release 2.5.

One tip.
Date data type in Sql Server cannot be converted into Oracle datestamp data type.