Possible to get trial license key only without full download?

just starting a tdp training, but my trial users can't open tdp. assumed it would have the demo trial installed, but it is asking for a license key.

If the users just downloaded the trial version, then the trial period is good for 30 days. However, if the trial has expired, then users will be asked for a key.

If you know who your Quest account manager is, then s/he can grant you an extension on the trial license/s, as they are the keeper of trial keys.

I'll send a separate e-mail with the ask.

Our local IT installed for 1 user on Monday and the other user Yesterday. Expiration does not seem a likely cause in this case. My self install on Monday using the same installer came with a trial as expected.

We got around it by using one of our local IT's commercial license keys and then removing it at the end of the training. Since expiration is not the likely cause, and nobody knows what the keys were, I'm not sure how an account manager would have helped. Our users won't download and are not authorized to install themselves... thus, I see a benefit of just being able to get a key sans download. I'm an exception and will presumably have my admin rights to my work machine revoked at some point.

If an account manager could give us 2 trial keys for existing brand(ish) new installs, where the users never had keys and/or never knew what they were, that would be great!

Hi Aaron - yes your account manager can send you trial keys :slight_smile: Can you email me (julie.hyman@quest.com) your information and I will find your account rep and explain your situation.