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Print Preview function


To Toad Experts,

I recently upgraded TOAD from version 12.6 to 12.12. 12.6 had a print preview function. I like to preview my documents before I print them.

In 12.12 the print preview function has been greyed out. Does anybody know how to enable this function in TOAD 12.12?

Thank you,



A few release back the edit component used was changed. The old supported print preview natively, the new does not. It can be added back with not too much work, but since this is a code editor and not a word processing tool I haven’t bothered. The thought being your code is probably formatted for readability for your development and not paper print.




I guess that I am old school. I like to have hard copies of my code. There are many times where I can see things better on paper.

Please put the print preview function back into the software!

Jeffrey Getz

Database Administrator / Information Technology

Concordia College New York