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Print query from import template that uses a variable

Is there a way to print the query from within an import template? I am trying to use a variable within an import template, and I keep getting a message saying that “The syntax of the string representation of a datetime value is incorrect”. So, I want to see what is actually being sent to the server.

You can view the query by going to Tools -> Import -> Open import template. This is launch import wizard and show all import info in your template. Let me know if you and more questions.

I was actually referring to being able to print the query that is sent to the database - so if I have a query with a variable in the where clause, I want to see what Toad is actually sending to the database vs what I see in the set variable activity.

At the end of an Import execution there is a summary window. In that window is a link that says “View Event Log”. When there is an error you usually will see the error SQL that is being used in the log.