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Printing issues and Page Setup

Here are a few weird ones!

Go to a large store procedure in your database. Ideally one that has several pages of code.

Right click and select the “Alter Stored Procedure in Editor” option.

A new editor window is opened with the entire script for your stored procedure.

Now go to File -> Page Setup

Change the margins to all be 5mm (or anything other than the default)

Click OK

Now go back to File -> Page Setup

Do you see the same margins you set before or something completely different?

I see very different margin settings


Do the same steps above to open a stored procedure in a new editor window

Go to File -> Print Preview

Looks ok right?

What about the Page number on the top right hand side?

Is it showing or starting on Page 1 or Page X?

It should start on Page 1.

By the way, printing from the Print Preview works, BUT… onto our last problem …


Close the previous TOAD sessions (I suspect this is what’s causing the problem)

Open a stored procedure but in VIEW IN A NEW WINDOW (not in the editor)

Go File -> Print

Print to a real printer or PDF

Do you see a screen dump of the stored procedure’s first page OR do you see a printout of the entire code in the stored procedure?

We see only a screen dump.

It should print the entire code in the stored procedure just like it does when you view the code using a new editor window.

Thanks for your soppurt. I have create issue TSS-675 for this. We will reply this if we have decision.