Problem storing scripts in TFS - workspace directory wrong in Toad

I would like to use the “scripts only” setup for version control and connect to TFS, but after many hours I can’t seem to get it working. (I don’t need/want the whole team coding solution, just a script repository.)

If I configure toad with the TFS source control provider I can log and and I can see the TFS project I have set up and the workspace, but Toad seems to get the local directory structure wrong, and that prevents the whole thing from working.

Here are the steps I have tried:

  1. Installed TFS components (Visual Studio 2008 Team)
  2. Installed Toad 11
  3. In Visual Studio, created a Team Project in TFS and ensured it was all working happily. Made some test folders and files, checked in/out. It is.
  4. In Toad, went to View > Toad Options > Source Control and set VCS to the TFS option
  5. Attempted to get files / check out / edit / check in with the Team Coding toolbar or the editor context menu. Fail - local working folder structure Toad tries to use is incorrect.

The behavior I see is a mismatch between the real/correct TFS local workspace and where Toad thinks the files will be. Result: Toad constantly pops a message like “the file isn’t in directory x, moving it to directory y” or “the working folder blah/blah/blah”, with an incorrect path, “does not exist would you like to create it.” Often it prepends an extra directory with the project name, or doesn’t recognize subdirectories inside the project.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Again, through visual studio the team project works exactly as expected.

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