Toad for Oracle Team Coding Beta 11.5 and TFS 2010

Anybody have Toad Beta 11.5 working with TFS 2010?
I can’t quite get them to play nicely together.
TFS is fully functioning outside of TOAD, but TOAD
does not seem to be able to connect properly to the VCS.

Help please…


Hi Jim,

You may need to get me some more information to help you. I am assuming that you
had TFS running on a previous version of Toad.

The following is assuming you are using TFS with Source Control feature , but
the similar checks will apply to Team Foundation Server.

The first place to check is your configuration settings. These are fairly basic
but one of them may be causing the problem.

In Options – Source Control

Check that the provider is Microsoft Team Foundation Server (2005-2010). I would
avoid the MS SCC option.

Click on Configure … to check your Team Foundation Server Configuration.

Here is an easy first thing to check, if you are using the last beta. The TFS
URL is displayed at the top of the Configuration page. You should be able to
enter this in a browser and it should take you to the web version of the TFS
Source control explorer or to a login, which should take you there. If this does
not work, then you have a configuration issue and check these steps.

Check Configuration. The most common issue is that the server is entered
incorrectly. Make the server name field contains only the server machine name
and the port contains the correct port for TFS (the default is 8080).

Check the advanced tab and verify that settings on this page (WebServices
Location, Collection and Virtual Directory) are correct for your installation of
Team Foundation Sever. These settings rarely need to be changed.

Let me know if this helps



Brad just pointed out to me that TFS was not working earlier in the Beta cycle.
If you do not have the latest Beta, you need to get the update.



Thanks for your help, I am closer now than I ever have been.
I am still having some issues when I try to access the TFS repository.
I have received the following errors:

When in Team Coding VCS Browser and trying to check out code that is already in TFS I get this error:
TFS Errors: The item C:\Workspaces\DEG\OPS_DRIVER.pkb could not be found in your workspace, or you do not have permission to access it.

When in Team Coding VCS Browser and trying to get the latest revision of code that is already in TFS I get this error:

Unable to get revision from VCS repository.

When in Team Coding VCS Browser and trying to Open code that is already in TFS I get this error:

Unable to get revision from VCS repository. The system cannot find the file specified.
And then it goes on to try to load the file from my local working directory.

I can click the Log On to VCS provider and it appears to work, it asks me which workspace to connect to, but when I click on Select Version Control Project I get this error:
VCS Provider is not logged in.

There are other issues, but didn’t want to overwhelm you since the issue may be the same for all of them.

Thanks again for your help.



I have Beta


Oh, and I forgot to point out that we have never had Team Coding working before with any version of Toad or TFS.


Jim ,

This Workspace error message is generated by Team Foundation Server. Either the
workspace is not valid or TFS thinks you do not have access to the object.

This looks like an issue with a bad TFS Workspace. Here is a way to test this.

Make sure that ‘Log on to Default Workspace’ is unchecked in the TFS
Options in Toad.

Log in to TFS and instead of Selecting the existing Work Space create a new Work
Space. Make sure that you give this Workspace a new empty working directory .

open a copy of your OPS_DRIVER.pkb in the editor and save it to the workspace

Try check out / check in.

If this works then you have a bad TFS Workspace. The best solution is to start
with a clean Workspace and do a full get from TFS.

If it does not work, email me offline as I need to get more information about
your configuration etc.



I’m re-posting this one to the groups.

The easiest way to get the code into TFS is to set up a one or more code
collections for that purpose. You can then disable code collection in options,
effectively controlling all objects.

I would suggest doing this one schema at a time, as the initial load to TFS can
be a slow process if there are a lot of objects.


OK, I think I have a good understanding of how to use team coding.

I do not think we can use the Code Collections feature because all of our code
operates over more than one schema and it doesn’t make sense to make a code
collection and usually the team members are working on different projects but
with some parts that reach into other areas.


How do I go about getting all the procedures, packages and functions that are in
the database loaded into TFS for the very first time?

I saw the tool that the Code Collection setup dialog has and I wanted to load
everything into the repository at one time without having to extract text files
out of toad and then individually adding them to the repository.

Any tool that I can use to do that with?