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Problem with Toad 9.5 for oracle

Hi Friends,

I have been using Toad 9.0 without Issue, but suddently, It has stopped
detecting Oracle Client ( I have Oracle client 10g installation on a Windows Xp
Sp3 machine) and I got the error ‘No Oracle Client Installed’.

I have tried everything :- checked Multiple Oracle Homes, Checked Registry entry
for Oracle Home, Reinstalled Toad, Reinstalled Oracle Client but none of the
solution worked. Then I installed Toad 9.5, It is now detecting Oracle client
and I am able to use Toad.

But whenever I double click on any procedure in Schema Brower to load it in
editor, It always open a new Editor in new window, while in Toad 9.0, every
procedure/function source gets loaded in new tab in existing opened editor

Please help If there is some option where i can modify this behaviour.


Vishal Gupta

I’m pretty sure that’s an option. Have you checked View >

pliz downlod