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you have no oracle clients installed



i have installed Toad for oracle 9.0 in my system which runs on WINDOWS XP

i couldn’t connect since i am facing with this prob “you have no oracle clients installed”

but i have Oracle clients in my system

can anyone help me in resolving this ?

Thanks in Adavnce.


I am having a similar problem with Toad for Oracle Just got a new laptop running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit and installed the Oracle 11.2 64-bit client. OracleNet works fine and successfully connects to my servers. However after installing Toad 11.6 64-bit, it complains that I don’t have any Oracle client installed.
Please help.


Resolved my own problem by uninstalling TOAD and Oracle client. Then installed 32-bit version of Oracle Client and 32-bit version of TOAD. Works fine now.