project manager logs me on to wrong schema


I’m on Toad

I am logged on to a schema. Then, in the project manager view, I right-click on another schema definition in the same database, I select editor.

I get an edit panel for the schema I already was logged on to. Thinking I clicked the wrong schema, I repeat. And again. Same result.

Restarting Toad solved the issue. Problem does not reproduce.

So this is just to make you aware there’s probably something lurking in there :frowning:

Kind regards & have a nice weekend!
Abe Kornelis

Just happened again. I was logged on as IIB_KRG@OMSE12, then opened a session to IIB_KRG@OMSE11, closed that session, then opened and closed a session to IIB_KRG@OMSPRD. The initial session was still open and I tried ((using the project manager view) to open a session as EHDA_KRG@OMSE12, but got no result. Retried, again nothing.

I tried to replay the sequence of events. Unfortunately, it still does not reproduce :frowning: