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Windows 7 and schema setting

I just upgraded to Windows 7 and have Toad 10.6. All seems fine except I’m
getting a User doesn’t exist and table doesn’t exist when logged into 2 of my
instances (Test and Production). If I toggle the schema default from APPS to
something else, like INV run a quick query, then switch back to APPS it then
starts working. Sometimes it takes several toggles. In my Dev instance I log in
as Apps, in the others I have to log in with my account, then switch the schema
to APPS.



sounds like the default schema is set to something that doesn’t exist.

After you log in, go to Options -> Oracle -> General and you can clear it there.

Oh, sorry, my last reply doesn’t make much sense when I re-read yours.

Try going to Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to Screen. That’ll make
all of Toad’s queries show up on screen. That should make it pretty easy
to see what’s going wrong…