Prompt during run? variable values supplied via the command line

When calling an automation via the command line with toad.exe -batch, it would be extremely useful to be able to pass values for any "Prompt during run" variables that exist in the automation.

If i well understand, you want to set variables without opening the .tas file to run it in batch mode with variables as parameters.

So, this is my workaround to do that :slight_smile:

  • First of all, you just have to create a short delimited text, csv file, or excel worksheet containing variables values and store it with explicit name in a predefined folder. You can easily edit your file when you need to update variables.
  • TDP easily import or request text, xlsx or csv file, so, create a little template at the beginning of your automation script to import your variables from file to a local storage table or other DB. with this method, you can store multiple timestamped variables.
  • Then you can now set variables into automation from a query on this table.

I use to do like that and i hope this may help you.



Thanks for your reply, Franck. That is a step in the right direction but still requires a separate process to update the file of variable values before the call to the automation, and the addition of activities to the automation to enable it to read the file to get the values.

I am working on a different type of workaround that wraps the call to the toad.exe in a PowerShell script that accepts parameters, makes a temporary copy of the TAS, and then modifies the default variable values in the TAS accordingly, before executing it.

However, it would still be a very nice new feature to add this capability to the next version of Toad Data Point, so that no workarounds are required, right?

Absolutely !

Thanks to share your own workaround.

I have already edited tas file to put wilcards in delete file activity... :wink: