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Publish of result to Intelligence Central - SQL formatted incorrectly

When using the Automation functionality and trying to publish to Intelligence Central the SQL code used for the publishing is being "scrambled". The code is just over 620 lines and when viewed as an SQL file looks correct, but when viewing it in the Publishing Wizard the order of the lines gets mixed. Due to this the SQL will run through Toad locally, but when added to an automation and attempting to publish the result to Intelligence Central the automation errors out.

Files are attached showing original query and the code presented in the Publishing Wizard

UAR_NewMainQuery.sql (42.9 KB) SQL_From_Publishing_Wizard.sql (48.8 KB)

I did a quick test, and I'm seeing similar issues.

Just confirming, that you are right-clicking on your Editor content and choosing "Publish"... correct? That method publishes the SQL as a "view" on TIC. There is an alternate way to get the SQL published using the "Publish File" tool bar, but that publishes the SQL as a SQL type/file, and that method does publish the SQL correctly. FYI.

When publishing the SQL as a view on TIC, then this seems like a bug, so please open a Support ticket so that the Quest dev team can document/investigate.

As a possible work-around, the preview within the Publish wizard successfully rendered the correct SQL if I highlighted all my code first (do a Ctl-A in the Editor) and then right-click-> Publish. Does that work for you?

I tried the right-click in the Editor and Publish. That method still had issues with the code becoming scrambled. I will try the Publish menu bar button to see if I have any more luck with that one.


Just to be clear about the work-around that seems to work for me... I highlighted all my code in the Editor (Ctl-A) and then right-click-Publish... in your testing, had you highlighted the code first?

In my case it is still mixing the lines, see the screenshots attached

OK, if you haven't already, please open a Support ticket so that R&D can track and fix. Thanks.