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Publish Project to TIC

I posted some things needed in Toad Workbook in order to be equivalent to Brio Workbooks in this post.

So I thought I would try to put everything into a Toad Classic project and publish it. I like using Toad Intelligence Central as it is an easy way to distribute to other analysts as well as being a sort of back up of the files. My project has a Query Builder file, pivot, 2 Toad Data Reports, and an automation script for two different servers.

It publishes without error. But when I get as project it gives a weird name for the automation script. The file is the actual the automation script. But the file should have the original name. And I would also expect for it to have imbedded all the dependent files like it does when publishing automation scripts to Toad Intelligence Central.

It would be nice to fix. I'll manually embed the files if you can fix the automation file name, deal?

Publish Project with Automation Script

deal :slight_smile: Let me get a dev number for this issue so we can track it.