Purge Scheduled logs dialog, how to purge only selected?

Toad 17.0.353

  • select one scheduler job
  • Choose "delete icon (left up)
    If i run like this (Selected radio button is active):

    all logs are purged.

If i change previous Purge Scheduelr Log dialog and add more days (let us say 4) and still leave selected ...nothing is dropped.

How to delete only selected scheduler log?

I just tried that using the same settings as in your screen shot. I had spool SQL turned on and this is the SQL that Toad ran (obviously I changed the job name). For me the log was cleared. Try it with spool SQL and see what you get. If there is an error we should be showing it, so I'm not sure why your log didn't clear.

    (log_history => 0
    ,which_log   => 'JOB_LOG'
    ,job_name    => 'schema.jobname here'

Log was cleared?

I want to clear just few lines....selected one ... not all log

Yes. Oracle does not provide an API to remove one line from a log.

I know that very well.
And thsi is why i asked what does "selected" mena?
Maybe to put "selected log" to be more precise?

Right above "Selected/All" it says "Purge logs for which jobs"

So that means, the job you selected in the schema browser, or all jobs.

To me it seems clear if you read it. :slight_smile: