putting table or chart in body of email in automation

Is it possible to add a table with query results in the body of an email?

I know how to add the table as an attachment and I know how to use the “find/replace” to change an email-template (.txt) file and swap out a with query-results in csv format.

I can’t seem to use the find-replace to function correctly on .html files and add excel tables to an email body template in html format.


I think TDP support this by sending html body file.

Is this what you are asking?

Here is the Step I try:

Step1: add "Select to File" activities, and Export Result to a html file

Step2: Find & Replace html body, find and replace with html file

Steps3: use html file to Email body

at the last I get Result:

Thanks, I got it to work, when converting text to html the <insert_data> was translated into <insert_data&gt and that’s why the find/replace could find “<insert_data>”