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Insert Column Values in an Email as a Table


Hey all… Not even sure if TDP can do this. But, I would like to include in the email body a table of column values. For example:


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Col_1 Col_2
ABC 123
ZXY 123
DEF 456


Is this possible? If so, how? If not, any workaround, other than attaching Excel/CSV file?



Yes, you can do this. Use seledt to file to export your data to csv. Then use a form letter with some tokens like below. Using Find and Replace find the

token and replace with contents of csv file.

Dear ,

Here is Order number <Order_Id>. This order contains the following items.


ABC Company


One more thing… How can I dynamically insert values for and <Order_Id>?

I tried using Find/Replace along with Set Variable but it did not work. I am using HTML as the body for the email.


That I am not sure of. You can easily export a result set to html from the select to file. You can also edit that file using find and replace. But I am not sure how to insert a data set into html or build the table itself.


I was able to figure out how to insert and <Order_Id> along with the

from an HTML file inside an HTML email body. It was a bit tricky, but worked just fine. :slight_smile:


Cool. Can you share with us how you did it?


Please find attached How-To picture guide



That is very cool! Now I am learning somethingJ

Thanks, for sharing.


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Please find attached How-To picture guide

. custom
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