QSR bug?

I have a weird thing happening to me, and I don’t remember if it happened
before or not. I usually don’t use QSR to edit very much, but mostly just to
execute scripts and not tie up TOAD. But today, …

I am moving one of our databases to a Standard Edition Oracle from an Enterprise
Edition. I used TOAD to create the scripts, and when I started to run indexes in
the new schemas, I ran into the ONLINE option, which is not supported in
Standard Edition. I cancelled, then highlighted the word OPTION in the output
window and copied (CTRL-C). I clicked on the Editor Window, hit CTRL-F to bring
up find and pasted (CTRL-V). Imagine my surprise when the word ONLINE was pasted
into the editor at the top of the file (where my cursor had resided before
CTRL-F). I thought perhaps I needed to click in the dialog window input box, so
I did, pasted again, another ONLINE popped into the QSR editor.

Is it me? Can someone confirm? Is this a QSR bug?

Utahtoad at gmail dot com

QSR Version

Toad version