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run query in QSR



I am using TOAD version there is option in Editor Menu Execute SQL via QSR.

can anybody suggest me what is the advantage and disadvantage ,if I run query in QSR


The only advantage is if you are running a long query.

You pass the query to QSR and you can still work in Toad.

You can also use EXECUTE VIA SQLPLUS for the same advantage. However QSR returns the results in a grid while SQLPLUS shows the results scrolling by.

ETRG (Erwin The Retired Guy)


It frees Toad up to do other things. Executing a script ties up Toad until
execution has completed.


The biggest advantage is that it won’t tie up your Oracle session in Toad
to execute a script. Script execution in Toad isn’t threaded, so while
your script executes via F5, you’re going to sit there and watch until it
comes back.

By executing via QSR or SQL*Plus, you can go create your objects or load your
tables, then go to your other stuff in Toad.

QSR stands for Quest Script Runner – and gives you and editor and data
grids, much more user friendly than the standard SQL*Plus interface.


In older versions of toad such as you’re using – not having toad
lock up while query is running for one ….