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Query from Sql Server DB and place data in a table in an Oracle DB

I have a Sql Server connection/DB and I want to run a query that selects data from the Sql Server DB and then writes it into a table in my Oracle DB. Is this possible to do in Toad? If so, would anyone know the steps?

Thanks very much,

Hi Georgia,

This is possible, and quite easy, to do with TDA. The first step is to connect to your target database, the Oracle DB connection. Then, go to Tools->Import->Import Wizard to start the import process.

After skipping the introduction page, you should see an option to Add File, Add Folder, or Add Query. Click on Add Query, and you’ll now have an option to either open a .SQL file, type one in manually, and also an option to change the source connection from the drop-down list. From this screen, select your source Sql Server connection from the drop-down, type in your query (or open a .sql file) and click on preview to make sure the data is correct.

Click next, and you’ll now have options to choose where the data is placed on your target (Oracle) connection. You have an option to create a new table, or choose an existing one. Continue through the rest of the wizard, and the data should import once you choose to execute the wizard.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks very much Mike!