Importing table from Toad for Data Analyst to Toad for Oracle

Is it possible to import a table created in Toad for Data Analyst into Toad for Oracle.

At present in TDA I’m consuming tables from a ODBC connection and populating values from this into tables from an Oracle connection.

Is possible to import/export these modified tables from TDA back into the Oracle server through TDA interface?

If not, how else could I go about this using TDA and Toad for Oracle?

Thanks for any advice,


Using the Import Wizard you can import any table from one Connection to another. This means you can import tables from DB2 to Oracle, or Access tables to SQL Server, etc To do this connect to the destination database. Then open the Import wizard and choose the Query type of import. Here change the connection to the originating database and enter the SQL that will formulate the incoming data. We will propose datatypes for the new table but you can change these if needed.

You can see this demonstrated near the end of this video.


Thanks Debbie,

For any one else looking at this, the 9:00 minute mark and beyond was where I learn’t the answer. It still took a little to figure it out. In the end I just used the import wizard a .tsm query file and made sure that the destination database was the active one in the navigation manager.