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query multiple datasources


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to query multiple datasources within one query? This way we would have a Total Analysis tool for viewing all databases. Maybe merging from two or more predefined query’s (querying views form different datasources)

Maybe just an export directly into a (new) table of a “reporting” database, being able to automate this task, and then from the reporting database query and automate any report.

Maybe even an automated syncronisation process querying one database
updating and inserting the other database.

with these options Data Analysis would be a verry interesting tool, I would but it immediatly.

In the ER diagrammer relationships over multiple datasources would help to understand and create metadata of all the data in the data analists scope.

Also, this way whe have a nice interfacetool at hand.

So, when will it be ready? Ill buy it.

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You’re in luck, this is already underway, and I think it is in the Beta for 1.1.

Check out the release notes, and I think you will be VERY happy :slight_smile:


Yes, this is indeed in the current 1.1 Beta. Go to Downloads and Updates and access the DevTeam tab to down load the Beta. Querying across multiple databases is only available in the Query Builder. Connect to the two sources. Drag over the tables you want from each connection. (You’ll need to change the current connection on the Object Palette). When the second table object from the additional datasource is detected the Query Builder will know this is a multiple datasource query. It will show a different watermark and execute accordingly.

Please try this out and see if it suites your needs. Programmers are standing by to address any bugs as this is a new feature. Enjoy!



We have the same need: query multiple sources of data. Following your directions above, I only see other schemas of the same source in the Object Palette. Is it possible to query multiples sources at once? Such as:

select a.column1,
from oracle_table a,
sqlserver_table b,
odbc_table c

That’s what we desperately need. If this is possible can you please explain further?



This feature is available in the 1.1. Beta which you can download from the Dev page.

To use heterogeneous queries following the following directions.

  1. Log on to both database types.
  2. Open the Query Builder and add tables from current database.
  3. Double click on the second database type. This will make this the current connection and change the Object Palette with current connection objects. You will see the background of the Query Builder say “heterogeneous query”.
  4. Manually add your joins by clicking on one column and dragging to join column.
  5. Execute query.


Oh duh. Sorry, since I downloaded TDA yesterday I just assumed that it was the beta 1.1 that was referred to. My apologies and thank you very much for clarifying.