new to Toad


I am new to Toad. I am a data analyst and am currently going through oracle sql training. I just got hooked up to Toad (for Oracle) at work and it seems great. The problem that I am coming across is that we have data on DB2 and on Oracle. Often, I have to cross reference this data. It seems that Toad for Data Analysts is the best way to go for me. I am not sure off hand which version of Toad I have. Does anyone know what version TDA started being packaged with Toad for Oracle? I think I read somewhere that TDA came free with Toad for Oracle at some point. I plan on following up with my IT department next week as I am out of the office this week, but I am pretty interested in this product and was wondering if anyone knew.

Any valid Toad for Oracle license key will be honored by Toad for Data Analysts. When your company pays for Toad for Oracle you automatically get Toad for Data Analysts. I think that answers your question, right?


I have one more question. I appreciate any responses!! If I have data in DB2 and Oracle, can I run a query that merges both databases together? For example, can I select fields from a DB2 table and an Oracle table in the same query? Also, can I insert data from a query from a DB2 table into an Oracle table without having to export the result set to a text file and load it into the Oracle database?

AWESOME, even if it is an older version of Toad for Oracle (without having to upgrade)? Thank you for your help!!!

Yes. You can query both Oracle and DB2 in the same query. See the help topics on Hetrogeneous Queries. These can be a little tricky and they are slower than just querying a single database type.

Inserting into Oracle from a Query to Db2 will be available in TDA version 2.7 which is due out at the end of this month. Or you can download the Beta now.


thank you very much for your help!!!