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Querying connected excel worksheet data



Please i am trying to write Case statements to get data from a connected worksheet but i keep getting this error [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression. When i do Select * from table or query specific fields it works fine but i am unable to use Case or IF. I can do this with my other connect SQL DB’s and oracle DB’s.

Please any assistance or help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


If memory serves…the Excel ODBC driver doesn’t support CASE or IF. For whatever crazy reason in Jet connections it is IIF. If I remember correctly it should look something like this…

SELECT Name, IIF(Gender = ‘M’, ‘Male’,‘Female’) FROM Individual


Excel does not support the CASE statement like many SQL databases do. I think you’ll have to use IIF in your select statement. I did a Google search and one good example I found was:

IIF(test_expression, value_if_true, value_if_false) AS FIELD_NAME