Quest Code Tester version in Navigator r6.3


Looking at the details of the beta for Navigator version 6.3 there is the addition of integration with Quest Code Tester for Oracle.
We already have Quest Code Tester installed as a stand alone tool. The version we are currently running is (front and back end).

I was wondering if there are compatibility issues between the version in the upcoming 6.3 release and the version we have installed?

Also we are looking at upgrading Code Tester to version 1.9 in the near future so also wondering if there is any issue with using that version with Navigator 6.3?


Hi Adrian,

The Code Test feature in SQL Navigator 6.3 can ONLY work with Quest Code Tester for Oracle repository v1.9.1 and above, ie. you will need to have v1.9.1 repository installed in order to use the Code Test feature in SQL Navigator.

QCTO 1.9.1 is the latest release which is now available for download. If you have 1.8.5, plesae check with our Support/Sales team if it might be a free upgrade for you to QCTO 1.9.1.

About QCTO app, I believe that you will need to have both client and repository in sync to work with the QCTO application.

Nav works with QCTO 1.9.1 and future releases of QCTO in the future. Prior 1.9.1, the repository does not have the APIs we use in SQL Navigator.

Hope that the info would help.

Please let us know if you would need anything else.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks Bruce

That is good to know. We will just need to coordinate the updates to makes sure we get the new version of Code Tester in first.