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Team coding Compatibility

Hi everyone. I wonder if team coding compatibility with toad 13 and above have been fixed ? If not is there a plan for this. Since we use both programs (different people) it make sense to use the same Team coding.
Sqlversion 7.6 seems rather unstable (lots of errors asking to terminate application) while version 7.5 was a little more stable.
I think that building new releases should have a set of new features in mind declared in the beta thread. I don't see why I should install 7.6 instead of 7.5 unless there is a valid reason. Many bugs are introduced in patch fixing versions. Could you please state what is the intended new features in this release ?

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Hi Nikos,

Thanks for the feedback.

We don't have a plan to keep the latest SQL Navigator compatible with Toad for Oracle in Team Coding.

The major feature/enhancement in 7.6 release is supporting Oracle 18c and 19c more thoroughly.

For the instability and bugs you come across in 7.6, can you report them through our Support? We hope to provide the best support we can and thank you again for your feedback.


Thank you very much for your answear. I strongly urge Quest to reconsider and make a plan except if the two programs belong to different companies. I don't see why we should make a choice against one (or perhaps both) programs because ultimately this will be the only option. For now we work with Toad 12.9 (the last compatible I believe version) while toad 13.2 is out

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