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question about synch wizard / migration

We’re testing a trial version of TDA and wanted to know if it’s possible to bypass the data difference wizard and just start the synchronization wizard.
We’re trying to move data from an Oracle DB straight over to an empty SQL Server database. So can TDA do that or is there another Quest product that does straight data migration?

If anyone has had a similar experience I’d like to hear what you do to facilitate a data migration between two different database platforms.


Hi maroman,

Are you familiar with Import/Export Wizard in Toad? That’s may help you to accomplish migration of data from Oracle to SQL Server. Data Compare is more designed to do comparison first and then generate synch script - it also covers your case but require a bit more time to accomplish.

I found a couple of articles describing the Import/Export Wizard. This looks like it’s exactly what I was looking for. One concern though, if you’re going from Oracle over to SQL 0r vice-versa wouldn’t there be an issue with the conversion of some fields? I’m assuming the data compare wizard has code to recognize the differences in the conversion process and processes the data correctly.
If I were to export data from an Oracle source I would imagine the SQL scripts created are going to be intended for load into another Oracle database. So the cross-platform feature might only apply to data compare.

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We have worked out the conversions for all of the common types. You should not be concerned unless you are using advanced types such as XMLType, Timestamp with time zone, etc.



The Data Compare feature works as expected when moving data between platforms, say Oracle to SQL Server. What my concern is when using the Export/Import Wizard the conversion rules are not applied as they are in Data Compare.
So for example, if I were to use the export wizard for an Oracle database to generate scripts those scripts could not be used in the Import Wizard to move the data over to SQL Server since they were created as Oracle SQL scripts. I tried one table already and Toad had an issue with the first line of the created script that wouldn’t apply in SQL Server.

To move data from one database to another I would not create a script. I would use the Import Wizard using these steps.

  1. connect to the destination connection.
  2. Open up the Import Wizard.
  3. Select Add Query
  4. Change the connection to the source connection.
  5. Enter select statement for the rows you want to import into the other data base.
  6. Complete the wizard and run. You can change any datatypes at the last screen when pointing to a new or existing table.