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This product just has so much functionality it’s insane. I mean, we all know that, but there are times when it hits me like a freight train.

Playing around with just one window: Object Search, and looking at all the functionality on the Results tab. It’s a complete, ad-hoc querying, reporting, exporting, DDL-generating, Data filtering and searching, Describing tool all wrapped up in just one window - and that’s not even its primary purpose.


Reporting, data filtering and finding - this all just comes free because every grid has the same set of functionality. Combine that consistency with the window on which the grid resides and you get a whole lot of power that never existed before

Spoken like a proud papa!


But Mike wrote that window. : )

I believe that we’ve all had our hand in the functionality behind that one
over the years.

Mark you are sounding like a commercial. :slight_smile:

I will admit the new grid does have some nice features and it’s nice the
functionality is consistent through out Toad.


This product just has so much functionality it's insane. I mean, we all
know that, but there are times when it hits me like a freight train.

As a Toadie since v4, I sometimes -- erm, often! -- forget everything Toad
can do.

Case in point: Once again, I want to get data out of SQueaL [swearing]
Server and into Oracle. Toad for SS worked great to export the data, until
I realized that one of the columns was Text and contained CRLFs, which could
not then be imported by any tool I tried. SQL D'veloper? I gave up trying
after 30 unsuccessful and frustrating minutes. I then remembered being
gently reminded by this list that Toad for Oracle can import data from MS
Axis (of Evil). So I deftly created an Axis "database" with a linked table
to the SQueaL Server table, then used Toad to do the import into Oracle. It
was quite simple and worked flawlessly.

So, why am I rambling on? Is it the 1/2 donut I substituted for my usual
sickeningly boring heart-healthy oatmeal? Perhaps, but I was thinking that
if a long-time user of Toad like me can get lost, it could be intimidating
for a new user. Perhaps a flashy new-user "What do you want to do?" intro?

It's the donut talking, I'm sure.

Rich -- [TeamT]

Disclaimer: Conan, we hardly knew thee. (not the Barbarian -- we know him)

That’s a bit like having a short guide to a pawn shop.

Nevertheless, we recognize this as an enormous area where we can improve.

To that end we have created a whole new position of “Content Manager.” This person is going to do a wholesale examination of our entire offering of documentation, videos, tutorials, FAQs, AskToad content, ToadForOracle, rating system, this, that, the kitchen sink.

And work to make it much better. She has some great ideas and we’re looking forward to her getting started, which will be in just a few weeks.

Beyond that, we have other ideas too, to integrate new material into the product better. It’s doubtful this will make it in for 10.5 but we recognize this as one of Toad’s final frontiers - essentially, user education and feature roadmaps.

It’s no good having a maze of 20,000 features if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Part of our problem is that we are tasked with improving and consolidating things, to improve consistency, workflow and so forth. But whenever we try to make any move to do this, one or a few users somewhere go absolutely ape that their special little custom feature-ette got moved on them.

They then go on a rampage, head straight to management, which sometimes can’t handle the kinds of screams we sometimes hear on the boards. So they push it through to us and demand we change it.

It works out much better if they complain on these boards. That way the community here can take part and have their say as well, which brings a critical balance. Otherwise there is zero discussion, and the cries of “either you change it or we’re not renewing our license” is a very powerful motivator for those who have seemed to make it their job to preserve every possible seat they can.

Ah, the joy of being Toad engineers. : )