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Re: Toad & McAfee


Thanks Guys,
Stupid me ! I forgot about the white list solution…
But, with McAfee Total Protection, Virus Scan is managed (only) though
the Security Center and I didn’t find a way to add a program to the
white list ! It seems to be possible only when McAfee detects some
kind of access and ask you to allow it…
No other (apparent) way to do that…
I’ll find some more on McAfee site…
The combination of my own limitation and McAfee lousiness (which are
the proportions ?) will probably drive me to some other protection
software soon.

Thanks for your help…



Somewhat OT Warning:

Yeah, I remember having McAfee on my home computer and they had a version which
supposedly would protect both Windows NT and Windows 95SE… I installed it my
dual boot Machine and my NT area was rendered unbootable. I contacted them and
they stated that “We didn’t have that problem and hung up on me shortly

H ighly Annoying. I switched to another Anti-Viral solution quickly. I’m
currently using AVAST and like it.