Toad and McAfee interaction

Recently upgraded to Toad for Oracle 10.5.1 and have started seeing an interaction between my McAfee virus software and Toad. After upgrade, Toad started taking a long time to start-up (over 3 minutes) and sometimes when switching between Toad and another application or just back to my desktop (Win XP SP3), hangs the computer for several minutes. Task Manager shows McAfee (mcshield.exe) at 50% CPU at these times while the Idle process has the other 50%. When things are working normally, mcshield is usually 0%. Other apps do not seem to have this problem. Anyone else seen this type of behaivor, got any ideas?
thanks, Darrell

It’s a known issue. For now the best advice is to ‘white-list’
the toad.exe program in McAfee.

Quest is working with McAfee on a long term solution as well …

yup. I had to add the toad directory to the exclude list for mcafee. after that all was good.


McAfee is aware of the problem and has reproduced it on their end. There is an ongoing case with them and at some point hopefully, AvertLabs, who is responsible for the scanning technology accosting Toad. To our current knowledge it is not caused by anything like the exe compressor we use, which is in active use in thousands of large scale commercial applications with no such effect, and I’ve been in communication with the author about it. So - the case is active and ongoing, with the only known solution at this point to add Toad to the exclude list. Perhaps down the road they can make it part of their ‘safe applications’ list with an update

Thanks everyone. Adding Toad to the exclude list worked for me too. I believe I had to check the box to include all sub-folders in the mcafee exclude dialog for things to get back closer to normal.

Is this still an outstanding issue?

Yes, I believe it is. I am on Toad for Oracle 10.6 and McAfee Enterprise VirusScan and AntiSpyware 8.7i I believe there have been some recent posts about this in the forum.

Thanks. It’s happening to me (almost exactly as first reported).