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Two addition items that didn’t make it into the original email…

My Toad:
Added the ability to leave feedback from the mobile site (

Added the ability to jump from error dialogs to the Jump bar where the error message is then copied to.

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DBMS Output:

From the IdeaPond…Idea #175

  1. The View|Options|Execute/Compile|“Poll for DBMS output when detected” option has been removed.

  2. The DBMS Output panel in the Editor has the following buttons for polling…

a. “Poll” - An immediate poll is performed when clicked.

b. “Automatic Polling” - Polling is performed once immediately following all execution. This includes SQL execution in case a trigger is posting output.

c. “Interval Polling” - Polling is performed at a specified interval.

  1. Items 2b and 2c above are mutually exclusive.

Email Action:

Now supports parameter files

Schema Compare/Multi Schema Compare:

New option for foreign keys: “Compare referenced table schema name” New option for private synonyms owned by schema: “Compare target object schema name” Previously, these were always compared. Team Coding:

Team Coding Dash Board Enhancements and Changes:

  • Added ‘Compare with object’ option to compare two objects when selected in the Controlled Objects grid.
  • TC VCS Browser now opens Diff viewer in the main dashboard output tab
  • Restored VCS Browser dropdown to Team Coding Toolbar. Team Coding VCS Browser option opens the Team Coding Dashboard in the VCS Browser Tab. VCS Browser option opens the Source Control VCS Browser


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