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Thanks for the prompt response.
Basically, our database was set up by a non-database person. We have a series of 8 identifiers (UIC through UIC8). Each individual identified does not have to have all 8 but each one is unique. Going back to my original statement, we don’t know in what place an identifier might be. For example, the identifier W8BLFF might be in any of the 8 places. I know that I can write code like this:
But I’d like to be able to put in something like:
((CASE_INFORMATION.UIC3 OR CASE_INFORMATION.UIC4) LIKE ‘W8BL%’). This is something that we use quite often and typing in a 6 digit code multiple times allows for a lot of opportunity for human error. What I’m trying to do is get it so that the target UIC is only typed in once. Thanks.
Tim Payne
Stat Team Lead - ORSA
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RE: Where statements Reply by Joshua Liong To tpyane:
I humbly apologize. I regret that I do not understand the context of this request.
Please let us know which feature of Toad Data Point you are utilizing, or if this is general SQL Construction. Giving us an example of what you currently have implemented would also help us with providing a solution catered to you.
We look forward to your response,
-Joshua Liong
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