Receiving Error ORA-3106 in Toad when running dbms_output.put_line

Receiving error ORA-03106 when running simple dbms_output.put_line in Toad. All other procedures for dbms_output work fine.

Has anyone ever come across this?

Which version of Toad is this?

If not the latest (16.1), please try the latest, if you have access to it. I did make some bug fixes with dbms_output in recent versions. All is well with 16.1 as far as I know.

If you are using a VPN, please try it on a database that does not require VPN connection, if you have one.

We had a support case with one customer who had this problem while connected to VPN. Turned out, after a lot of digging, that something was blocking Toad in the VPN - and weirdly, it only blocked anonymous pl/sql blocks.