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Last week I upgraded to This week I went to my Win 7 start button and hovered over the SQL Nav item expecting to see a fly out window with my recently used documents. No fly out. I’ve looked thru the View -> Preferences options but didn’t notice a Recent Documents type option.

I found it quite useful to have frequently used scripts pinned to the fly out menu. Is this gone or am I missing the option somewhere?


Hi Don,

It was confirmed as an issue exists in v7.0 because of the dev build environment changed in this version. We noticed and fixed the problem in 7.1 already. (Haven’t released). BTW the first beta drop of 7.1 will be out soon, you will see this issue be resolved in the first beta.

So currently if you want to open recent files, the only way would be open it from code editor drop down list of Open File toolbar button. I know it’s might not exactly what you want, but that’s all we can suggest currently, hope to get your understanding, thanks.



Hi Don,

Here I would like to give an supplement for you.

I realized there was a workaround to fix this problem you met:

Step #1: Launch SQLNav 7.0.1

Step #2: Open Preference | Assoc (at the bottom), associate sql file to this version

Step #3: Close Nav

Step #4: Double click the sql files you want to open with SQLNav

Step #5: Close Nav and next time you will see all the files are loaded from start up

Please let us know how you go, thanks.

Have a good day,


Thanks, Shirly. You got me back on track!