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Reconfiguration of catalog entry



After reconfiguration of one catalog entry of Toad db2 client (ip of server has been changed) with Client configuration wizard, connection manager still tries to connect to using “old” catalog value when tiring to connect. We observer that we need to restart toad in order to refresh catalog. That means i have to close and save my work form for example all 10 opened editors etc.

Version is Toad LUW DB2 trying to connect to DB2 9.5 FP 10 AIX64

Thank you,



Hi Ivan,

This is a DB2 limitation. To get Toad to see the changes you have to refresh the directory cache. One way to do that is stop and restart the app. You could also try a TERMINATE command, but that can lead to unforeseen problems. There’s quite a few articles about this if you Google it.




Hi Adam,

I assumed that was the case - thank you.