REDATAMigratorDBMS12 Description: 'undefined' is null or not an object

Hello there, trying to reverse engineer a SQL Server 2019 database and getting this error.
Any idea how to identify more precisely the problem?

It specifies as well
Row: 8506
Column: 3

How does this help?

Doesn't help much unless we can see the reverse-engineered DDL script.
Maybe you can post several of the statements before and after that row in the script output to give readers some context?

HI Gary,

Thanks for your answer and sorry for the delay. I was away...
How can I get access to these reverse-engineered scripts?


In fact, it fails down so quickly I don't think it actually starts reverse engineering anything...
I can't see any generated script or log file

Hmmm... Then I would take this one to our Support team... you can open a Support ticket here:

Suggesting Support, as I didn't see anything in the Support Knowledge Base that relates to your error case.

Trying to get through this is a nightmare...

It refuses to recognise my (new) licence and suggests to contact support... where it then asks my licence!

OK, first thing's first, then.
Have you upgrade/installed the most recent version of Toad (v. 8.0).
Hoping that the latest version gets you out of this mess.

If you're on 8.0, and you're still getting this issue,
then I will send you a separate e-mail and ask who your account manager is... we can escalate from there.

Ah, Eric, because you posted in the Toad for SQL Server forum, I assumed this was for Toad for SQL, but in researching, looks like you're issue is with Toad Data Modeler?

Please confirm, and I'll notify one of the specialists.

Indeed, this is Toad Data Modeler...
Sorry for the mistake! :crazy_face:

Hello Eric & Gary,

Just a quick note that I have moved this thread to the tool-specific pond.


The problem occurs when Partition Functions is loaded. Try uncheck loading of Partition Functions in Reverse Engineering Wizard in step "What to Reverse".