ReDataMigratorDBPG84 error while reverse Engineering

I am using Toad Modeler 3.4(trial version) with Postgres DB 8.4. I am trying to reverse Engineering with Toad Modeler, but it failed. It is able to connect to database, but when i click Connections->Reverse Engineering->Execute returns error “ReDataMigratorDBPG84, Description: p.proiswindow does not exist”. I have selected only two tables to generate the reports. What could be the problem. How to resolve this error. Any pointers. Thanks in advance. I have attached error message for the reference.



If you are connecting to standard PostgreSQL 8.4, the error shouldn’t occur.

We think there are two possibilities why the error occurs:

  1. You’re connecting to PostgreSQL 8.3 or EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus 8.4 (Standard Server) using RE of PostgreSQL 8.4.
    PostgreSQL version 8.3 doesn’t know the column proiswindow in system table pg_proc (this column informs whether the function “window function” is appropriate, which is a new feature of PostgreSQL v. 8.4.)

  2. You’re using EnerpriseDB PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server that has several differences. E.g. in previous versions we know EnerpriseDB PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server 8.3 was more detailed PostgreSQL 8.2.

Hope this info will help. Please let us know.


Vladka + TDM Team

Thank you very much for the pointing out the problem. Yes we are using PostgreSQL 8.4 Enterprise DB. So cant we resolve it? or only alternative is use standard server to make it work?

Did you use TDM support of PG 83 for Enterprise DB Advanced Server 8.4? Please try it and let us know the result.




Do you use Standard Server or Advanced Server?
If Advanced Server, we’re sorry…
Please see:
(CR # 58 135 hasn’t been resolved yet, the workaround was to RE PG 82.)