Refresh of Database using Toad

Hi folk,

could you explain me how to refresh production database schema’s tables to test database shema using toad.

our requirement to refresh some production users tables from production database to test database schema periodically for example

I have two user proddta,prodctl in production database which have got around 30 tables so i need to transfer data(refresh) to Test database user testdta,testctl periodically (every month)

i would appreciate if you tell me step by step process.

Table data are allways quirous part of synchro.

On link:…/21277.aspx

there was a way how to refresh one table.

As stated on previous post, for whole schema the best way to synchro is

expdp /as sydba SCHEMA=xxx

and then


this will replace whole records.

Be aware that in this way you will NOT replace database code (proc/pckg/fnc/types etc). For that you need to drop and recreate schema …

Let us know is that satisfy you or you need more info

I like to use Toad’s datapump interface for refreshing a test db with a prod db.

Before dropping the to-be-refreshed schema, I right-click it and get the sql for recreating it, before the datapump import and remapping.