Refresh db_TEST from db_PROD

Good morning, cold you help to me ?

I need to refresh TEST database from PRODUCTION. In fact I only want to refresh: tables (and its content), views, sequences, functions, procedures and packages.

How can I do dat with Toad for Oracle ? I can not find any export wizard that let me select what I want to refresh/synchronize ?

Many thanks a lot in advance !

@jsole - I am not sure if this option is only avail because I also have the DB Admin Module, but Database/Compare/Schemas as shown below:


There is also the following option:


Thanks Michael !!

I saw the first one and it is very interesting. The problem is that it does not copy (refresh) the rows existing in the tables. And the second one, I did not check it and I try to review it during this week.

I thought that perhaps exists a list of steps to do things like things I wanted to do.

Thanks a lot for you support and quick answer,

Go here to sync table data

Great ! So,

with the first one I can synchronize the objects (tables, packages, sequences ...)
and with this one the content of the tables.

Could be nice :slight_smile: