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Request for Very, Very Large ToadActions Data Files

We've got some users who are seeing their ToadActions.dat files grow to very
large numbers, for instance 40 megabytes-

Quest Support has also had cases come in like that.

We're trying to figure out what could cause such growth, because we can't
replicate it. Mike created a scenario with nearly ten thousand very large
Actions and the file was still only 9 MB.

If you're having a problem with runaway growth of your ToadActions.dat file and
have had to delete it in the past due to size (> 10MB or more), and can share it
with me please contact me offline and we can organize an FTP location for you to
put it. Please don't reply to this thread unless you have encountered this
specific problem and can help us - thank you!

(add "User Files" onto the end of the path shown at this location to find it)