Access violation at address 00000000046DB240 in 'Toad.exe' (Toad for Oracle Xpert v

Hi, I am running version of Toad for Oracle and seem to experience memory leaks issues. AFAIK, this seems to be a product issue as far back as versions 11.8, 12.8, 12.10 of TFO. My solution has been to periodically (every 2 - 3 days) close out all windows and restart Toad for Oracle application. Usually memory usage is around 75-80% but I don’t know if this is coincidental or not.

Just to help with trouble shooting I was creating this discussion since I hadn’t seen anyone with v13 indicating this type of issue in the forum. My machine is Windows 7 Enterprise laptop and at a future date will be upgrading to Windows 10. Perhaps new machine with more memory will no longer have this specific issue.

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Could you post your Toad.el error log file? It’s located in Toad’s appdata folder which can found in Toad’s Options > General > Application data directory.

How do I post my Toad.el error log file? It’s a 17K line file

When replying on the forums there’s an upload button above your typed response next to a few other buttons (bold, italics, etc.).

I’ve tried that but my file is larger than 3 MB max file size; it’s a 7 MB file. Is there anything I can delete out of it to reduce the file size for upload? Thanks!

Sorry about that, new forums had pretty small file size limit. They’ve increased the limit so if you try again you should be able to upload it. For the time being you also might need to change the file extension to .log to allow it to upload.

Attached is log file for my Toad installation. This error appears to be correlated to the total system memory so I’ve been trying to keep that at 80% physical memory usage.
Toad.el.log (7.2 MB)

I also had the same issues. Using latest release memory usage gets out of control consuming 2-3 gb before causing toad to raise exception then crashing.

My main machine has 64gb of ram so memory not the problem. Reverting to last stable release of 12 resolved my issue, doing the same work is using less 200mb

Are there any particular windows that are left open when this is happening?

I experimented with the number of windows so that i only opened 1 window for editing plsql package body with just under 10k lines.

Memory usage starts around 125k. Everytime the package is compiled the memory usage jumps 4k.

Making modifications in package body, including adding comments makes the memory usage jump, e.g. Adding a space uses 8k more and this always goes upward until the 2gb mark and out of memory crash.

Also performance within the editor is noticeably sluggish. There is a good second or so delay.

I don’t have these issues with the 12.12 release.

There was a pretty nasty leak in Editor in 13.0 that has been corrected for 13.1. The size of the leak depends on the size of the DDL you’re working on. If you had a larger(ish) package, for example, it will stack up much faster.

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Where can I get the fix? I have the same problem… TOAD crashes about 25 times per day. I have version 13.0.080.
There is no 13.1 on their website:


13.1 is in beta right now. It is planned to be released into production next month.

Go here if you want the beta now.

I’ll give it a try. thanks!

Have the same issue constantly. This is very ennoying and makes version unusable. I cannot access production environments with a beta version, so I have to go back to version 12 unless you have a patch or something that solve this problem.