[resolved] Tree (list of DBs) does not work with Netezza in

While this new beta ( fixed the data grid issue with Netezza it introduceda new problem. Now in the tree view (list of DBs on the left) you only see the one database (schema in oracle terms) you connect to instead of all the DBs on the netezza box. So for example, if you connect to Netezza server named NETZ1 as user TEST to DB named EXAMPLE, in the tree on the left, you only see the one DB (EXAMPLE). In the past, the tree showed all DBs to which the user had permissions. So once again, unless there is a solution I am overlooking, this is unusable for the most part for working with Netezza.

As mentioned in previous thread, the gold version of Toad for DA 2.5 is also unusable for netezza because the data grid does not work.

Please fix the new problem as soon as possible in beta at least.


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I entered CR69,972 for this issue and we will look into it and hopefully fix for the next Beta.

Does the other views, Tabbed, Dropped Down, etc work properly? Can you use one of these other views in the meantime?


Hi Debbie, Thanks for opening the ticket. Unfortunately, the other views don;t work either. For example in Object Explorer when using “tabbed” view, the drop down box which should list all the other databases (schemas) on the netezza server only lists the one select as the default. In the past the drop down had the full list.

This is a good product and we rely on it so thanks to the team for the hard work.


I added your data to the ticket. Our office is closed this week. We will look into this next week and see how to correct.


The resolved the Netezza issues. Thank you!

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