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Netezza connecting but not to all tables

Hi Toad,

My computer crashed recently. I had to reinstall Toad and set up the connections again.

Prior to the crash, I had been able to see and query from all the tables in our Netezza database in Toad. Now, while I can connect to Netezza now with some delay, there are a few key tables that I can no longer view nor query from as I get an error message saying that no such table exists.

I know that this is a Toad problem as I can access those tables just fine from Tableau 10. Please advise.



You could check your ODBC driver settings. I had similar issue with DB2 shemas. Changing library view to All libraries on tab Catalog solved my problem


Are you doing that through Toad or your Data Source Administrator?? If I can connect to the table through another medium why would it not show up in Toad?

I’ve done it through Data Source Administrator. After that Toad started showing all existing schemas and tables. All other tools displayed everything with default driver settings, so Toad seems to be special in this question:)

However I’m not sure completely our issues are the same, so my advice may not work out. But hope it works

Are these system tables that are not displayed? There is an option for that in the DSN configuration

system tables.png