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Reverse Engineer into a logical model?


I’m new to Data Modeler.

I recently started a new job and their database doesn’t have any physical relationships among the tables and they don’t want to add them. For my own reference I’d like to document something to show the relationships among the tables. I’ve reverse engineered some of the tables into a model, but when I try to create relationships it just creates the pk in the child table from the parent table. In my case product table has ID as primary key and child table field I want to link to is called PRODUCT_ID. Logically linked columns are not named the same. Will this tool allow me to do this for diagramming purposes or should I look elsewhere.




i’m sorry, there is no settings for this purpose at this time but you can always manually rename FK/PFK attributes in the child entity. Also you can try to do it by some script. Please let me know if you need help with it.