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Foreign keys.

I am new to toad data modeler. I just joined a new group and they have a huge oracle database which has absolutly no foreign keys. using toad data modeler i have placed everything into paper and spent several days finding the relationships between tables.

Here is what I am trying to do. I want to sort of graphically show the relationships. but I don’t just want the table relation ship but also the field relationship.

As an example :

Lets say you have table invoice header and table invoice detail. They are connected by invoice id. So i would like to show a relationship between invoice header and invoice detail with a line which connects the invoice ID from header to detail. Can this be done? Sounds pretty simple to me just can’t figure out. I am able to create a relation ship but the relationship just joins the tables (visually does not show which fields are connected), I like to show a line from one field to another so that it becomes obvious that the fields are linked.


in Toad Data Modeler version 5.1 the anchor points cannot be manually rearranged. The next official version will introduce new system of relationship lines and the functionality you request is part of it.

You can download BETA version and try it. (The feature will be improved before we release the next official version).