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Reverse Engineering from Oracle Views is Sub-Optimal

This very well could be my lack of knowledge, but I have not figured out how to cleanly reverse engineer Views from Oracle to then generate useful DB Documentation. When I reverse engineer Views, I get items that look like this:

Here is the HTML rendition of the documentation for one of the Views:

Looking in Oracle, the View columns all have comments, but they do not make it into TDM, and when the SQL is not extremely simple the View Columns also listed in the ERDs.

I would really like the Views to display like the Tables do with Attributes/Data Types/Comments and so on as shown here:

If I am missing some config to get this to work as desired, please let me know. If this is not possible in TDM, then is this on the roadmap as it would be very useful.

TDM does not support comments on view columns in the Oracle model. You can add a comment only to a view. If you want to add this product enhancement please submit it to the Idea Pond.