View underlying data while Reverse Engineering

I am new to Toad Data Modeler and am trying to reverse engineer an existing database in SQL Server. Oftentimes, I would like to view the underlying data in a table to get a feel of how it is organized. Can this be done in TDM? Or do I need to use SQL Server Management Studio to view the data?

Thanks for your help!


TDM doesn’t work with data directly. This tools helps you to visually define database structure. You need to use other product to browse data, e.g. Toad for SQL Server.



Hi Guys, I’m using data modeler 4.0.13 on a trial version to reverse eng. a oracle db.

But is not showing me any views, domains, procedures only tables (25 to be exact, as it’s a trial).

Could you confirm if this version could reverse all the other items, or it’s just entities?


Hi John,

in RE Wizard you can select items on tabs Views, Procedures etc. Please make sure you didn’t overlook the tabs :slight_smile: