Reverse Engineering - Read Only


I need to reverse engineer a current SQL Server 2008 database to create an ERD document.

I’m new to Toad, so I would like to make sure that the changes I make in Toad will not be reflected on the actual database. Is it possible (from the software end) to set the project as read only to make sure I do not make any changes to the actual database as I’m creating the ERD via reverse engineering?

Is it possible to pull down the information and then disconnect from the database so anything I do within Toad will not be reflected on the database?


All the reverse engineering feature does is pull down what is existing in the database and put it into Toad Data Modeler so you can view it. The reverse engineering process DOES NOT update anything in the database. We are simply reading from the catalogs and creating a model for you. Once you have to model you are free to make any changes you want to it and these changes will not be reflected in the database. You have to create an actual change script and run that against the database at a later date when you are finished with your changes.