RTF export missing from beta

…and the HTML report does not maintain its formatting when printing, even to PDF. I can’t reformat hundreds of fields, and I also can’t present what I have. HELP!


Hello Aaron,

Do I understand well that you can’t generate RTF report in latest Beta?
Well, it should work properly. I’ve just checked it out and it works fine for me.

Just a note: RTF reports are not supported for Logical models. Possibly you try to generate it for your LER model…

HTML and print to PDF - Yes, there is a bug. Thanks for your notification! We will fix it. CR # 47 552.


Vladka + TDM Team

Hello Aaron,

Vaclav has made the promised CSS style for printing HTML reports. Please see the attachment.

1.Copy the new style to:
Default location (BETA version):
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler Beta\Styles\FramelessHTMLLayout\classic_blue

Default location (commercial version):
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Styles\FramelessHTMLLayout\classic_blue

  1. Open Toad Data Modeler Beta, your logical model and click the Report icon.
  2. Go through the steps in the Report Wizard.
  3. In step Select Layout, leave the default settings Frameless, Default CSS Style (classic blue).*
  4. Generate the report.
  5. Print it.

Please let us know if you are satisfied with the result. Thanks in advance.

*Note: If you like to use another style, copy the attached style to the folder of the style you prefer and rename it.


classic_blue_NoFrames_print.zip (1.35 KB)

Its a start, but the styles still need tweaking. Generally speaking, a print view will eliminate all but the actual article. In this case, the left hand pick list should not be viewable. I’ve updated the CSS file and am sending back.

Several more points:

  1. The format of the report makes for verrrrry large print-outs. Its design should be condensed.
  2. The data types show a %1 for the size of the field. It would make more sense to show the actual size of the field, as well as whether its mandatory or not.

classic_blue_NoFrames_print.css (3.58 KB)

Hi Aaron,

thanks for your feedback. Please find attached another style. The left menu is out. I also changed other styles to make the report shorter, but still readable.

To my regret, no browser currently supports the following: page-break-inside:avoid;
If it was supported, then we would define this for the .item style and the result will be even better.

I created a new enhancement request (#47971) for the data type and mandatory items.


classic_blue_NoFrames_print.css (4.86 KB)

Hi Aaron,

Just a quick note to inform you that the fix will be available in next release of TDM v3 (before v. 3.2 release, a patch will be launched. The patch will include the fix. Next Beta will include it too.)

Thanks again for your great co-operation!



Update> CR 47 971 - It will be available in Beta Thanks.

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