Question about Report Wizard (HTML)


I am wondering if it is possible toallow user to have their own template for the Report Wizard (both forHTML and Rtf), I think it would be quite useful, once the report hasbeen generated, it could have the in-house style, which make thedocument looks more professional.

I am also wonder if it is possible touse CSS on the HTML Report, so we could change the colour or layouton some of the pages. I would be grateful, it Toads data modellercould have another panel on report wizard’ HTML option to change somesettings on the colour/layout/ template of the report

Please let me know if you want me toexplain more.

Many thanks


Hello Chi,

you can change both HTML and RTF reports (layout as well as content) via scripting (in fact, you can do more… modify forms - add there combo boxes, check boxes, text boxes etc. and use appropriate values for generation of modified HTML or RTF).

CSS Styles can be modified as well, however, not via GUI. You have to edit *.css files manually.

Please see the Library and download TDM3_manual.chm file from the “TDM3 Documentation Pack” library item.

In the User Manual under section Customization - Sample you will find information on how to customize the application.